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4 Star Games

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Good but repetitive and pointless. Aug 8, By Jedisaac. Fun and relaxing, but not finished Aug 7, By YoshiDude This game is pretty relaxing, and I certainly liked it due to its minimalistic style and colors, as well as reminded me of marble race toy sets I used to love as a kid.

As an aspiring game designer, I tend to notice a lot about games and what they could do right and wrong.

The repeating segments are also a bit confusing. Similar to TENKYU. Games 4. By legamer. Call of Duty 4 was simple, fun, fast paced, satisfying, loaded fast and it just worked.

The music is really good and starts when you start. Sep 12, By junnny. The upgrade of this upgrade does include these games and is most definitely a FIVE star game.

Kudos to the developer to respond so quickly to customer complaints regarding the missing Classic and Progressive games.

Great game, rendered well, and lots of fun. Awesome app Aug 21, By Very super stupid. This game rocks just update it and it would be even more awesome but then I would have a problem I can only give it 5 star but it deserves alot more.

Jun 9, By Grandquilter. Please update. Fun but Jun 25, By Fincjeudhxnendjhch. Can't turn off the sound, WAY too many ads! Jul 14, By k-Koder. It would be really nice if there was a way to continuously play the classic version, without being interrupted.

The volume just goes way down. The music and sounds always stay on. Every time you restart the game, you have to close an ad. New ad delivery renders game unusable Aug 25, By Strickerje.

Only after clicking that do you get to the home screen that loaded immediately on previous versions.

Pity, since this used to be one of my favorite games. LAGGING AS HELL Mar 6, By Tornado storm. The game is a complete lag I kept flicking as hard as I could but the ball would not cooperate with me and whenever the Ballwood it either only landed and a 20 point or template no matter how hard or how often I feel flicked it this game is complete lag and needs to be fixed.

By potterybuff. Enjoyed this game until removing the loud, awful sound became impossible, even when iphone is muted.

Can deal with the ads, which are frequent, yet understandable. Please fix this ASAP. Too Many Ads Nov 21, I like the game, but not enough to see an ad in between each and every short game.

It takes the fun out of it. The score screen it irritating, I just want to play the game. Hey guys, iOS 11 update Feb 3, By An iOS 11 User.

This game is great, but please, PLEASE make an iOS 11 update. It's one awesome game! By CJ Every time I turn down the music! The music starts coming back on!

By Gracie-c-. Aug 30, By Therealjoer. I first downloaded Arcade Bowling Lite in about and I can still remember the first time playing it.

I was in 8th grade when my class was taking a field trip to Quebec city and I had diarrhea so bad that I could only stay huddled in the corner of my room cradling my Ipod touch, playing this game and talking to the girl I had a crush on.

All the time spent tenaciously trying to get a score of in classic mode. I was going to rate this much higher but Mar 30, By Bambita.

The update installed annoyance screens between each short game, hyping sale of the full version. Now I expect an annoyance sale attempt on start-up or even every few games played.

But not between each game! And I actually planned on buying this app! But changing it with an update after we were getting used to it, turned us all off all together.

Worthy of downloading May 23, By CNF For a free game, Arcade Bowling Lite is worth the download. Good: ability to tilt the game, giving you better chance of getting the balls into the higher scoring rings; good sound effects; easy game playing.

This is a great game if you have a few minutes to kill. Easy for little kids to play with. What's going on Aug 10, By mjagostino.

Good game Feb 23, By Bluffmaster. Good game. However the following changes could really improve the overall experience. Then you see the high score.

And then comes the intro screen once again. You see, once the game ends, it takes some time to get to another game. If you had an Option to directly play another right after entering the name in the high score box, that would be a huge improvement.

So once the game ends remove the few seconds that you have to wait after game ends , display the high score name input box if needed and once name is entered, start a new game instantly.

You see, this is the type of game that you want to play as much as possible and going through series of screens after the game ends ruins the fun.

If you ad option to quickly get to another game, it would definitely be worth 4 or 5 stars. Sky works ski ball app Oct 20, By mkrupit. The ski ball app is not updating so disappointed in the apps update.

The 1 Brand in Solitare Games. Delightful Sep 3, By Kris Browne. I love every part of this game - the selection of variants, the themes, the selectable handedness The art style is cute with elements of a vintage sensibility that feels just right for a solitaire game, and the achievements are well paced to make you feel a bit of progress beyond winning your current hand.

Now that I can sync that progress between devices without involvement from Facebook going ad-free was a no-brainer. Original from before Login with Apple: I was loving every part of this game - the selection of variants, the themes, the selectable handedness, right up until I tried to play it on my second device, and realized it would need me to use Facebook to carry over my records instead of iCloud.

I refuse to do Facebook right now, so the game sync is essentially crippled for me. Was about to pay to remove ads too.

Best out there Oct 22, By Trrrrwwsftesdfre. This one is by far my favorite, and by far the best. There are over a dozen different types of solitaire on this platform, each with a helpful set of instructions to teach you new games my favorite has been Scorpion recently.

The game tracks statistics such as time, moves, score, and record. The game awards fun stickers for achievements as you go.

And by far the best part, is the wide availability of themes tables, card faces, card backs available for purchase with in-game currency you earn as you win.

Everything I could desire in a solitaire game, this game supplies. Great app May 20, By Skwooley.

I decided to download this app when I got tired of popping bubbles, waiting on friends to take their turn in a trivia app, and cheating at Words with Friends got too cumbersome.

I like that I can keep playing the same game over and over and over until I win. Crazy, I know. I recently started to play some of the versions besides FreeCell.

I enjoy all of them. I would recommend this app to everyone. Fun and quick to learn! Aug 16, By LisaFranc.

In the past when playing through either apps on my phone or on a website there is only usually one type of solitaire available with only the difficulty being what distinguishes each of the levels, however with this app there are countless versions of the solitaire itself along with the ability to change settings within each version.

I would like to also add that when learning to play Russian solitaire I was unsure of being able to learn how to play much less be confident in being able to do so.

But the intro tutorial on how to play was informative and easy peasy. Usually the basic intros on other games take forever but this one was quick and efficient and I got to start playing right away!

Beautiful, simple, full of options but Aug 15, Love this app, and i really like the preset themes, card backs, fronts, and tables. But overall love the app, this is just a suggestion that I thought could make it just a teeny tiny bit better.

But not something that i think is a necessity, just a luxury for us to have. Thank you! Lose yourself in this game by playing with friends on Facebook or just hang out and challenge yourself Need a hand?

Learn to play with super helpful tutorials that will keep you going for hours Choose from 16 amazing games, including the most popular forms.

All for free Reviewed by Laura S on February 2, By czennie stay. There are seemingly endless backgrounds and card themes to choose from that you can buy with game coins you earn just by playing.

On top of all that, the little messages that come up when you open up the app and the animations for when you win a game with the birds are so cute and they just make me happy and are really the cherry on top of this great app.

I think that just makes it more fun and challenging though. A really great app Aug 8, By Theshadowotter.

This a really good collection of solitaire games, with an advertised 20 different types of solitaire. There is an in game shop but thankfully, no premium currency nonsense, you earn coins for the shop by playing and winning hands of solitaire.

These shop items are purely cosmetic stuff like boards and cards to change up the look of your game as you see fit.

Personally, the price for ad free is a good value with it basically being fifty cents per game type.

Each game type has a very simple and easy to understand tutorial to teach you each game if you have never played it before and if you forget later on you can replay the tutorial to relearn it.

If you love solitaire, this is the app for you, perfect for when you want to just zen out and relax. Game freezes with certain ads Jul 18, By HeyJack Update: issue fixed!

Game is awesome! However, over the past two weeks, the app completely freezes such that I have to close it all the way down and restart.

Not the ads in between games, the ads that rotate at the bottom of the screen during play. The latest offender is a Walmart ad!

And when I restart the app, after a few seconds, that same stupid ad comes up and freezes the game again. Nothing fixes the problem.

Best Solitaire In App Store! Aug 28, By SheDrivesZ. I have many Solitaire games on my iPad but I always come back to this one.

In fact I deleted a bunch of my others. I especially love the HUGE variety of themes, it makes game play visually fun: The App has a large variety of different games to play and earning coins is very fair.

These developers update everyday single day! I know this because I pay close attention the coin price of the themes. They constantly change in a good way!

Love this game! Feb 18, By Evileen. I love this game, I use it at a lot to go help turn off my brain and it has helped me countless times to go to sleep!

Is there any way that could happen? If not no biggie, still love the game!! Was almost perfect Oct 28, By Please return my coins. I love solitaire and, more specifically, Chinese solitaire.

We had a great symbiotic relationship and then the thing happened It happened. All of my coins, all , of them just up and disappeared and my level of 20something I lost track just got reset and it was like we were back to square one.

We had such a good time but I think it might be over now. How can start anew when the last relationship was never even finished?

Excellent game! Feb 7, By stepht I love the variety of styles to play. And the themes are great. I only have two issues. Those are my only two complaints.

Keep up the great work! Good app, just a couple gripes Oct 24, By Catclizm. Liking this app! I have a couple gripes- one is battery use.

Active location use, maybe, or something with the ads? My other milder complaint is the themes. Please Fix Static Noise Nov 20, By Ladybug Overall, I really enjoy the variety of Solitaire card games provided in with this app.

I also like being able to change the card faces and backs to fit my mood or the season. I like easy to read card faces to make game play faster.

As someone else mentioned, even with the option of no sound, some ads still play with sound which is annoying when you are trying not to disturb others.

You can play offline to avoid ads altogether. My major concern is that even with the sound setting off, there is a soft and annoying static noise that plays constantly while on the game.

It took me a while to figure out where the noise was coming from. At first I thought it was the sound of a new ceiling fan. Then I thought something was wrong with my phone.

Then I realized I only hear it when I open this app. I noticed another reviewer has the exact same complaint which confirms what I noticed. I hope an update comes soon to fix this annoying sound.

Could have been 5 stars Apr 7, By SandraKT. Love playing it. I would give Solitaire a 5 star rating but not happy because of all the ads.

I understand that ads are necessary to keep Solitaire free, and sometimes I see ads that interest me. The brief ads, 5 seconds or less catch my attention and are acceptable.

Those that are 15, 20 seconds or more are annoying. I note which product they are for and will never purchase those items or services. Some ads can be muted when they pop up but not before the they disturb others.

It would be great if those two issues could be fixed! Then Solitaire will be a definite 5 stars! Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts!

By donnychatt. Though it is a pretty good game overall it comes with some shortfalls. Only going to mention the three that bug me the most.

I find this terribly annoying because they actually have an achievement if you win without the option chosen. In my experience leaving the checkbox unchecked tends to bring nothing but unsolvable hands.

Annoying ads Apr 27, By GrandyRen. The point of this game is to help your team get as high a score as possible for the week. With these constant ads it becomes very frustrating.

I think I spend more tome waiting for the constant barrage of ads to finish than I do playing the game. Honestly, almost every hand has an ad. The ad appears, you wait until the x appears, you click that and then there is another countdown to x again so you can actually leave and go back to the game.

No other games I play do this. And after playing for a half hour I have seen every ad several times. If I was interested I would have clicked on the ad by then.

After playing a certain amount of time it would be nice to have the ads stop. As I said, I have seen them several times and am now more likely to NEVER check out the site or app because they have ticked me off!

And soon, this game is going to have me so mad I will even stop playing. I can take a deck of cards and play solitaire with absolutely no ads.

Being on a team is just mot worth that much. Clearly, I am super frustrated. Stickers don't work Nov 9, By Libs This game is great, I love being able to switch version of solitare.

Only ones that work are ones you getting for playing certain number of days in a row but they were there automatically. I tried emailing them like it says in the app 10 days ago but no response.

Also, it would be nice one certain games like tripeaks or pyramid if the games looped like other versions. Almost like levels, if you complete a game, it just re-deals and you see how many you can win continuously.

Good game with some annoying flaws Aug 8, By angiesaun. Overall I enjoy this app, but there are a couple irritating issues. The biggest one is that sometimes the ads play sound loudly even if my phone is on silent.

Also irritating, though not as much, is the fact that the stickers are glitchy. Your opinion is greatly valued, and our customer service team is here for you to ensure that your needs are met.

Why not take a look at our FAQs and see if there are any answers to any pressing questions you may currently have, or just give them a read and learn more about the exciting world of online casinos?

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